15 décembre 2010

the tattoo

The tattoo begins with an ansienne legend between a young man of the name of Mataora and a girl of the darkness Niwareka. One day, the young man batta his liked good Niwareka and eventually runs away. Then a while later, he returned in his country, but because of his miserable appearance because of his dirty and damaged make-up, the family of Niwareka laughed at the pathetic appearance of Mataora. Mataora implored the forgiveness of Niwareka, and she eventually grants him to him

The father of Niwareka offered then to Mataora to teach him the art of the tattoo.

Here are some tattoos of New Zealand:maoritatouage_maori_nouvelle_zelande_4072_w460untitledff

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    there tatoo are afraide!!!!!XD

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